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Fashion Etiquette

Brides often ask about fashion etiquette. Nowadays, bridal fashion is without boundaries. The wedding day is an expression of the bride's taste and fashion flair. We try to encourage our young ladies to pick and choose styles that not only flatter their figures, but also ones that they feel comfortable and confident in. In addition, we stress that it is important that the bridesmaids be dressed in something to the bride's taste. This day is not about the bridesmaid's style. Bridesmaids should be the backdrop for the bride in her gown.

Each bride is painting a portrait and creating her story. And if this is your personal story on your personal day, why would you want someone else to choose what to wear? The bride has a vision of what she wants to create. Everyone surrounding her should support her and encourage her to express herself. If someone in the wedding party dislikes the choices the bride makes, she has a couple of choices. She can kindly keep her thoughts to herself and smile graciously and purchase the dress of the bride's choice, or she can politely explain that she cannot afford to spend the necessary dollars on the dress and therefore must dropout of the wedding party. Either way, you are supporting the bride without causing her added stress. Wedding etiquette is not just about fashion. It is most importantly about behavior and social graces.

Nobody likes a bridezilla or a bridesmaidzilla. Everyone appreciates gracious ones.