I Am My Own Customer

How weird is this? I am my own customer. Yes, it's true. I am the Mother of the Bride and need to consume all things bridal. So, I shop at Formally Yours, my store. Sounds fun, sounds easy, sounds awesome, right? Well, not so much. You see, I am just like everybody else. I pick out the dress, decide on the color and place the order. And then, I begin to second guess the color, the size, and the fabric. How can this be? The Formally Yours staff reassured me of my choice. Of course, we all want to look great and feel great, but it's not about me, the mother, it's about my beautiful daughter on her big day. So why oh why is it so difficult?

My dress finally came in and I tried it on for the seamstress. I proceeded to show her how I thought it should fit and where I thought she should take it in. She nodded sweetly and did what I asked. I tried it back on and wanted it taken in more. She smiled and said, "I will do for you". I love Liliya. So after several fittings I decided that it was acceptable. But, still my doubts lingered. Are these the perfect shoes? I don't know but I like them so I will wear them. Is this the perfect jewelry? Who knows, but I think it looks good, so on they go. Overall, I think I look pretty good.

And then it hit me. It doesn't matter what I wear. The dresses are beautiful whether I am in them or not. I love fashion, and I love all of the bridal party dresses. You see, it's what I am feeling inside that will make a difference of how I appear. And I will be wearing the biggest brightest smile because my heart is full of joy and love for my daughter and her darling fiancee. And, so that is really all that truly matters. And, although I shopped at my own store and my sweet employees took extra special care of me to make me beautiful, it is ultimately the abundance of love that will truly make me shine. I am happy and appreciative for amazing family and friends and employees who have generously given of their time to celebrate this occasion.

So, my wallet is empty but my heart is full. My dresses are altered and look beautiful. But, I feel so blessed, I know that I will be wearing a radiant smile. It is the ultimate attire.

One Month and Counting

Every bride has the final countdown. One month to go! Within those last 30 something days, brides are typically overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted. It is the duty of all of her family, friends and bridesmaids to make sure that she is well taken care of. In fact, it is the duty of the aformentioned to actually chip in and help with all of the last minute details if at all possible.

For example, bridesmaids, if something is going on with your dress, please handle the situation without freaking out the bride. If the dress is shipping later than anticipated, keep a positive attitude for the bride and contact the salon and request a tracking number. Or, if your alterations aren't going as smoothly as you wished, have a heart to heart with the seamstress. Communication is key. Create solutions so that all will work out beautifully.

Family and friends should be courteous and understanding towards the bride. Everyone needs to be aware that the guest list is a huge stress point for the bride. Please sympathize with her when your invitation arrives. If you have a boyfriend of just a few weeks, do not expect him to be invited and by all means do not add the plus one on your own. The numbers are well thought out when figuring out the budget. And, adding plus ones here and there add up. In addition, if your children's names aren't on the invitation, don't ask if they can come. Many brides choose not to include children. Therefore, think of it as a night out on the town, and hire a babysitter and have a beautiful celebration.

It seems that every wedding creates hurt feelings. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Put your own feelings aside and empathize with the bride. Your day will come, if it hasn't already, and you will have your own difficult decisions to make. Keep in mind that a wedding is a celebration of people uniting in love.