Last week, I had the pleasure of viewing the TODAY show wedding up close and in person. I watched in amazement at seeing the set built, the flowers arranged and the chairs set in place. It was an overnight extravanza. It was as if the carnival had rolled in to NYC. In addition, I had the opportunity of meeting the make-up artists and the fashion consultants of the show. They were overworked and exhausted as they had the responsibility of touching-up all of the guests make-up and attire, on top of attending to the bride, groom and the entire wedding party. WOW! It was bigger and more fast paced than a broadway production. While I was watching the show from the side-lines, I was fascinated! Of course, the bride was picture perfect, with her hair couiffed, her make-up impeccable, and her dress and accessories exactly placed. The mothers and fathers looked beautiful and handsome as did the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. And then there was the groom. The cutest, warmest, most sincere young man. And let me tell you what I learned that day. The bride, in all her glory and beauty and in the midst of a fairy-tale setting, already had THE MOST important detail that no one else could buy for her or do for her. She had the man of her dreams by her side. So ladies, listen up, shop till you drop, plan until you can't stand, and browse the internet until your eyes blur, and while you are doing so keep one thing in mind. The most important accessory to your wedding is the GROOM. As long as you have him and love him by your side, you are all set!
I had the best family in the store today. It was so good to see them again because I had helped the sister of the bride 3 years ago. So, because their first experience was successful, they decided to shop at Formally Yours again. Lovely bride and mother, darling family and friend, they were happy and eager to find the perfect gown. We started by filling up the dressing room with styles that the bride liked until there was barely enough room for her try things on in. She came out in a beautiful white taffeta Mori Lee design and was absolutely glowing. We were all blown away by her beauty on the stage. She must have tried on a dozen and half gowns only to come back to the first one and make the purchase! Everyone was having such a fun time laughing and dreaming of the November wedding. After they decided on the wedding dress, they began the hunt for the bridesmaid's dress. Low and behold they picked out a Bill Levkoff made of taffeta as well. It will create an elegant background for the bride as she vows her love to her groom on the altar. Last, but not least, they picked out a darling little Alfred Angelo flower girl dress to compliment the entire wedding party. What a wonderful day in the life of a bride-to-be. As always, I am amazed that I have the opportunity to be a part of so many weddings. I am thankful for my customers! I am thankful for my store!

Love never dies. It may change and morph into other sentiments, but you can't ever really bury it. You can change it, move it, hide it, but that moment of true love that you shared with another never ever completely goes away. It's an addiction...that feeling...and humans have a need to love, to be loved. to feel love.

Even just the notion of love makes a person's heart flutter. And, so many emotions come from loving. New love is elation, and hope and excitement. Whereas, old love has a history and is much more complex with the knowledge of all that is good possibly turning bad. However, no matter how difficult the love, there is that taste, that high of the forever first love.

Romantics search for that feeling constantly. Sinics choose not to waste their time knowing full well that it changes and needs hard work to maintain. But who's to say we haven't fully examined the human heart? Much like the brain, we have only touched the surface and the most obvious parts. Much more research is needed.

But, I feel certain that I am on to something.

A relationship may dissolve or move on for one reason or another, but at some point, at some time, even if it is for one brief moment or in another lifetime, that feeling of absolute true love will touch your heart again. And it will grab hold of you until you can't breath.

Celebrate love with everyone you know.
Reach out to past loves.
Reach out to new loves.
And nurture the present loves.

The heart is a muscle that needs exercise. Excercise it everyday...the old fashioned way.


I am so excited! The new styles for fall are so adorable. Today, Mori Lee sent a huge box full of goodies! Their new tea length bridesmaids dresses are the sassiest things I've seen in a long time! Seriously, we all tried them on as soon as we took them out of the box. Taylor, who is a fashion consultant here at Formally Yours, is wearing one of the dresses to a rehearsal dinner. Lindsey, another fashion consultant, scooped one up and is wearing it to a wedding that she is invited to. I, on the other, am wearing mine around the house while doing housework, just kidding, I have an event and needed the perfect dress and found it today! So, now you know that bridesmaids dresses really can be worn again!

I often wonder why people in Atlanta feel the need to only shop inside the Perimeter(ITP). I am just north of I-285 and I am here to tell you that my store offers everything a bride needs. You see, I too am a consumer and I love to buy beautiful, finely designed fashions at the best price, so I want my customer to have the same experience at my store. I have couture designs and designer collections at great prices. Why not shop where you know you feel the most comfortable? My staff is so friendly, the environment is laid back and everyone that shops here is so excited. Most of my customers want to work here and most of my employees become my customer! So, I am just thinking that Native Atlantans and Newbie Atlantans alike need to venture outside the Perimeter (OTP). You will be amazed at what you will find! Shop at Formally Yours for your bridal dress. We can't wait to meet you!

I know that there are many lists out in the world that detail what to do after a girl becomes engaged. I am going to tell everyone, right now, exactly what to do the second she accepts the marriage proposal...START TONING UP! Seriously! I beg each and every bride, mother, and bridesmaid to begin a routine as soon as you realize that you need to shop for a dress.

Brides, you know from a lifetime of shopping that you are not going to like anything unless you feel good about yourself. Trying on wedding dresses is like trying on designer jeans. You have a vision of what you wish to look like, but then, there you are, face to face with yourself hating every inch of your skin. Why? It is not because you don't look beautiful, it's because you don't feel confident, and nobody can tell you that you look like a princess if you don't feel like one. And yes, confidence comes from the inside, but it sure helps if you feel like you have some control over your figure on the outside. And that it is what it all comes down to, control over your shape. Outsiders do not know what your body hang-ups are. Everyone has a "thing". So don't wait until you are in a salon to realize that you need to work on a certain area. Identify the problem area as soon as possible. If it is your arms, and you hate the arm flags waiving in the wind, get to work on them the day after you put that ring on your finger. If it's your abs or love handles that you hate, then get on the floor and do some sit-ups. If you just do a few workouts before you start shopping you will feel lighter and tighter and things will just feel and look better to you.

Mothers, and I am one myself, the same advice holds true for you. Do not wait until 3 months before the wedding to decide you are going to shake a few pounds. Let's face it. Your metabolism isn't what it used to be. The minute you realize that you need to buy a new, important, and usually expensive dress, put the wine glass down (after the second glass at least) or, don't eat the bread before dinner, or better yet, just give up one little desert every now and then. Again, it might just make a small difference, but your image staring back at you in the mirror will be happier because you know you are not waiting until the last minute to commit to making a change for the better. Ladies, it really isn't that hard. Just take control and get started and the whole shopping process will be much more enjoyable and less stressful.

Bridesmaids, whether you realize it or not, your bride really does want you to like the dress she has chosen. Now, even though we all know that is next to impossible, you can pretend that it is the best bridesmaids dress you've ever worn. Please, please, please, I beg you, do not cry over how you look in the dress. Just take a good, hard look at yourself in the mirror and realize that it's not the dress that makes you happy it's you and how you feel about yourself. So, if you know you need to tone up, get busy fast. Your bride will love you, and better yet the sales associates will love and appreciate you even more.

So ladies, put the fork down before you take that last bite, take an extra step somewhere in your day, or lift something a little heavier than you are accustomed. And just think, if you are not doing it for yourself, you are doing a charitable service for the people around you. Because whether you realize it or not, that is exactly what you are doing and we thank you.

Last night a customer came in to shop for a bridal gown. Lucky for her, she brought her sweet sister and adoring mother along for advice. Her sister, being just recently married herself, is the matron-of-honor, therefore, she has solid experience in wedding planning. Also, the sister knew exactly what the bride had in mind as far as style. We began the process of pulling dresses off the rack and putting them in the dressing room. One by one, she tried on the gowns and finally, she put on THE ONE! Her face lit up and tears came to everyone's eyes. I will never get tired of that moment when the bride finds the perfect wedding gown for her big day! Link over to Essense of Australia to view this magnificenet silk wedding dress, style # CD214. Another day, another happy bride...I love this job!