The Entourage...

Does It Really Take A Village?
When it comes to celebrating your marriage, it is natural to want to include all the important people in your life in the wedding preparations. It is important to remind yourself throughout the process that, at the end of the day, you will walk down one aisle, to one man, in one wedding dress. Here at Formally Yours, we believe in good team work. For such a defining purchase, it can be a life saver to have a trustworthy confidant to aide in the decision making process.  It absolutely crushes us to see a bride, beautifully dressed and adorned, feeling defeated, ugly, and unsatisfied because her entourage has overpowered her own voice and vision.
Brides, you have been chosen! Your fiancé has decided that he wants to spend the rest of his life with YOU. Similarly, when it comes time for you to choose your shopping entourage, consider carefully who is going to support you best. Whose fashion sense to you value? Who will be there with cries of joy to help you celebrate? Who will faithfully remember that you and you alone will be the girl wearing this wedding dress? Be aware of who you are. If you are someone who tends to want to please the people despite your own feelings, be careful not to bring people who might push you away from your plans or who you might feel pressured to please above yourself. If you are someone who needs affirmation to make a decision, be sure to bring a good encourager along to your bridal appointment. Do not feel the need to include everyone is the wedding dress decision. There is a multitude of other things you will need help with in preparing for your wedding that can be shared with the people important to you.
Entourage, you have been chosen! The bride has decided that she wants you to support her during her search for her wedding dress. Consider carefully the things you say and do during this time. First and foremost remember always that she is the bride. She is wearing the dress. She gets to make the decision. You have the honor of being a part of the day she picks out her wedding dress. You get to support and love her through the process.
So does it really take a village? Well, maybe. Just remember to make sure your village is populated with loving, supportive, and encouraging people.
Written by Katie Walker.