Last week, I had the pleasure of viewing the TODAY show wedding up close and in person. I watched in amazement at seeing the set built, the flowers arranged and the chairs set in place. It was an overnight extravanza. It was as if the carnival had rolled in to NYC. In addition, I had the opportunity of meeting the make-up artists and the fashion consultants of the show. They were overworked and exhausted as they had the responsibility of touching-up all of the guests make-up and attire, on top of attending to the bride, groom and the entire wedding party. WOW! It was bigger and more fast paced than a broadway production. While I was watching the show from the side-lines, I was fascinated! Of course, the bride was picture perfect, with her hair couiffed, her make-up impeccable, and her dress and accessories exactly placed. The mothers and fathers looked beautiful and handsome as did the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. And then there was the groom. The cutest, warmest, most sincere young man. And let me tell you what I learned that day. The bride, in all her glory and beauty and in the midst of a fairy-tale setting, already had THE MOST important detail that no one else could buy for her or do for her. She had the man of her dreams by her side. So ladies, listen up, shop till you drop, plan until you can't stand, and browse the internet until your eyes blur, and while you are doing so keep one thing in mind. The most important accessory to your wedding is the GROOM. As long as you have him and love him by your side, you are all set!