So many new beautiful dresses arrive daily at FORmally YOUrs! We are so excited each time we open a box of bridal, bridesmaids, mothers, prom and pageant gowns. As a second generation FORmally YOUrs store owner, it is a joy to imagine our customers in these beautiful dresses. You see, when you do what you love and love what you do it's an honor to serve each and every person that walks through our door. We strive to stock our store with the items that we know our customers are looking for. Because after being in business for 30 years, we know what women of all ages are wearing. So, it is with pride that we also have a new logo FORmally YOUrs dresses for you. For, as we picture each new dress on our facebook page, twitter and website, we realize that we have a dress for EVERYONE. So, do not delay in shopping for your special occasion. The FORmally YOUrs staff is experienced, friendly and eager to assist your needs.

Mother of the Bride and Groom

Today, we received a beautiful shipment of Mother of the Bride and Groom dresses. We are so excited to carry the JADE and JADE COUTURE lines. Not only are they beautiful in design, they are versatile in color, fabrication and length. Each style that is sampled in our store can be redesigned to suit your personal needs. Of course, we love how they appear in our store, and purchasing off of the rack is actually the best option for you our customer.

Mothers need to realize that they are as important as the bride on the wedding day. Often times, mothers leave their shopping needs for last on their checklist. I understand why this happens. However, time is of the essense, and if in fact, you as the mother need to place a special order, it needs to be placed at least 5 months prior to the wedding date. At FORmally YOUrs we are here to assist you with the process. We adore our mothers and realize that it can be the most difficult shopping experience. With our knowledge, expertise and excellent selection, we make it a more enjoyable process.

We welcome you into FORmally YOUrs and look forward to helping you find that perfect dress for your childs wedding day. After all, you are the hostess of the party and need to look and feel confident in your dress. Meeting and greeting old friends and new friends requires a timeless and effortless look. Our amazing fashion consultants understand your needs and have all of the information and color swatches at their finger tips to ensure that your decision is the right one for you. So, happy shopping! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Alteration Information

FORmally YOUrs is a full service bridal salon. Our mission is to assist you from beginning to end. When you purchase your wedding dress or ANY dress from FORmally YOUrs, we are here to make certain that your dress is sized, ordered, delivered and then altered to your figure. We are fortunate to have an extremely talented seamstress in-house.

You received a phone call that your FORmally YOUrs dress is in, and now it is time for you to come in, try it on and have it altered. Make an appointment to meet with Liliya. At the time of your appointment, we will greet you and retrieve your dress and place it in the alterations room. We will ask you to try it on, and when you are ready, Liliya will meet with you.

At this time, we encourage you to communicate with Liliya. Show her the places that are your "trouble spots", and she will pay special attention to those areas. In addition, she will pin you in the areas that are in obvious need, and again at this time, please do not hesitate to speak up and ask questions. Now is the time to voice any concerns you may have. FORmally YOUrs believes it is always easier to address them at the beginning.

Often times, FORmally YOUrs brides are concerned about the bustle of the wedding dress. Again, we like for you to have options. Typically, a bride has a choice between the French Bustle and the Traditional Bustle. The Traditional Bustle is folded over on top of the skirt of the bridal gown, whereas, the French Bustle tucks up and under the gown. The length of the train truly dictates which bustle is your best option. However, brides may have their own opinions. Liliya will listen to your ideas, but if she is concerned about the security of it, she will let you know. And at this time, you need to make the bustle style decision. Our main concern is that it is as far off of the floor as possible, and that it is as secure as possible. Also, keep in mind, that the bustle is all about function not necessarily fashion.

Now, on rare occasions, some brides have weight fluctuations. Please note that Liliya is gifted, but she is not a miracle worker. If for one reason or another you have a serious weight gain or loss before the wedding, try not to panic. Simply place a call into Liliya at FORmally YOUrs, schedule a refit and listen to her experienced and educated suggestions. She has great abilities and will work with you and your gown.

Alterations are a separate fee. FORmally YOUrs caps the fee FOR YOU in order to protect our customers from being over charged. At the time of your fitting, Liliya will discuss the price with you. There are no hidden costs after she reviews the pricing at the initial appointment. The only exception to this, is if you ask for something additional to be done to the gown that was not previously discussed. After she completes the first fitting and your receipt is handed to you, you have two payment options. You may either pay at that time with check or cash, or pay by cash only at the final fitting.

Your satisfaction is our reward. We, at FORmally YOUrs are here FOR YOU to support you from beginning to end. When you come in for the last time to try on your dress, it will be fitted, steamed and ready to wear!

Bridesmaid Shopping Step 3 (of 3)

You agreed on size and now it is time to pay. Step 3 walks you through the process. It's not so bad.

If you are at FORmally YOUrs you can pay by either cash or charge. If you pay in full, you will receive a 10% price break. If you are making a deposit, 65% of the total is due for your dress to be ordered. Just remember that when you pick up your bridesmaid dress, you will have a balance due. At this time, no checks will be accepted. You may pay by cash or credit.

If you are out of town, you need to pay by credit card over the phone. If this is not an option for you, you can send a check through the mail, however your order will not be processed until the check arrives. We keep track of all the payment receipts on the bridal sheet in an orderly fashion.

Once the last girl has measured and paid, FORmally YOUrs can place the order. We order all of the dresses AFTER THE LAST BRIDESMAID PAYS. This is very important, as one stray bridesmaid can and has caused the entire wedding party to pay late fees. We do not want this to happen to you. We suggest that you give your girls a deadline of 6 months before your wedding. For example, if your wedding is June 14th, we want your deadline to be December 14th. This allows enough leeway for a stray bridesmaid. And, it also allows plenty of time for alterations.

We have placed your order and have an estimated ship date. We do NOT know the EXACT date of the arrival of the dress in the store. We only receive an approximated SHIPPING date. If you want to confirm that date, you can call FORmally YOUrs and we will share the information with you. If you have not already done so, now is a great time to pick out shoes and accessories for your bridesmaids. We offer an exceptional array of both, so that you can have a one-stop shopping experience.

We love assisting you and your family and friends. Stay in touch with us during the process. We are available to answer any questions you may have. And, if you discover that one of your bridesmaids is pregnant, do NOT WORRY. Just call us immediately, and we will come up with a solution that best suits everyone's needs. If we catch it soon enough, we may be able to change her size on her order. However, if we are stuck with the original size, we can order extra fabric, and my seamstress will consult with her as close to the wedding as possible. We will make it work.

Congratulations! Your girls are beautiful! We love watching your dreams come true. And we feel so pleased to be the chosen one to assist you.

Bridesmaid Shopping Step 2 (of 3)

Ok, your FORmally YOUrs file sheet is started. It has the style number and color of your bridesmaid's dress and it also contains a list of your girls' names. We keep this for you, so you have one less thing to worry about. And, this bridal sheet contains the measurements of your girls as they pass this information on to us. Step 2 is all about the sizing of the dress. Let's begin!

Now, again, options are key when shopping. We offer a couple of different ways for your bridesmaids to be measured. The ultimate suggestion is for the bridesmaid to come into FORmally YOUrs and be measured by one of our experienced fashion consultants. We measure the fullest part of the chest, the smallest part of the waist and the largest part of the hips. There are two ways to look at this: Your body is an hour glass and we need the 3 extreme measurements of the hour glass, and/or your body is like a teapot and you bend sideways at the waist. The bend in the waist is the point for the measuring tape to go around to gain your official waist measurement. Our fashion consultants will take these measurements along with the designer size chart and share them with you. After a brief conversation, you will be the ultimate decision maker for your size. We will guide you, however, it is ultimately your decision.

If you are unable to come into FORmally YOUrs, you need to find a seamstress or dry cleaners who offers alterations, and have your measurements taken. Remember, you only need the 3 that we previously mentioned. In addition, we need to know if you are over 5'9". Bridesmaid dresses are made for people of this height, so if you are taller, you will need to order extra length. Additional length is an added fee and, depending on the designer, it can be an extra 3-5 inches. At the time of your call, we will tell you the amounts of both the added hem and the extra cost. After you give us your measurements, we will check the size chart and come to an agreement on size.

At this time, please let us know about any medical conditions and/or prescriptions that you have. These have a definite effect on your size. We need to know if your size will fluctuate from the time you place the order to the time that the dress arrives. We also need to be informed of any physical enhancements or reductions. It's our job to make certain you are beautiful on the wedding day. We are on your side and want the dress to fit as perfectly as possible.

After the measurements are taken it is time to pay. Step 3 will walk you through the payment process.

Bridesmaid Shopping Step 1 (of 3)

Now that your wedding gown is purchased, the tone of your wedding is set and your vision of the style and color of your bridesmaid's dresses is more clear. At FORmally YOUrs, we offer an extensive selection of bridesmaid designers and color swatches FOR YOU. This is allows you to have a more relaxed environment in which to shop. And, one stop shopping creates a less stressed, more confident and happy bride. Now, Step 1 is all about style and color. Some brides have definite ideas about color, while on the other hand, some brides have a specific style already chosen.

Which category do you fit into? Let's start with style. The first question our FORmally YOURS fashion consultants ask is whether you prefer short or long? Etiquette does not dictate which is best for any certain time and scenario. This is totally up to you and your girls. Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to dress length. So, we encourage you to pick and choose accordingly, and we will be right beside you each step of the way. Keep in mind that many designers now offer one style in several different lengths. We at, FORmally YOUrs, may have it one length, but can order it in the other one of your choice. Also, fabrication selection is important to keep in mind when you are selecting your style. Again, some designers offer the same style in several different fabrics. So, as I have stated before, alway keep your lines of communication open with our experienced sales staff. They can answer all of your questions and help you with your selection.

Next we need to discuss color. Most girls already have a color in mind. However, if you are one of the ones who can't make up her mind, we ask you for your favorite color. It's the perfect starting point. If you love blue, investigate all the different shades of blue. Once you find a designer who carries the shade that you love, begin the search for your style within that designer's collection. If, on the other hand, you have chosen a style but the style does not come in your color, ask us if there is another similar dress by another designer who might make it in your hue. Please just keep in mind that we have HUNDREDS of dresses to choose from, and that your options are nearly endless. Our FORmally YOUrs fashion consultants are here to arm you with as much information as possible in order for you to make an educated decision that you and your girls feel excited about.

Once you have the color and style chosen, we will start a file for you. Now the fun really begins! Stay tuned for Step 2 Sizing Bridesmaids!

Puchasing Your Wedding Gown Step 5 (of 5)

Welcome to step 5! It is time to take your measurements. This is an important part of the process. Please don't worry or stress about any pre-conceived notions of what size you should order. Every designer cuts gowns using different size charts. Therefore, the same size may fit completely differently from one designer to the next. And, remember too, nobody needs to know what size you are wearing. It is nobody's business but yours, and we do not announce sizes at the store and they are certainly not announced at the wedding! We just want the dress to fit you as perfectly as possible. We are on your side, and want you to be flawless and beautiful on your big day.

The store sample that was tried on is a good gauge to help start figuring out your size. However, your measurements are what is the most important tool when the decision is made. We will measure your bust, waist and hips and then together we will confer on what size best suits you. Also, this is the time that you need to open up and share with us any factors or issues that may affect your weight over the next several months - even medical prescriptions can significantly affect how the dress may fit you later. Birth control pills, steroids and some other medications cause serious weight fluctuations and we need to know about them. Also, if you are having any surgical or other enhancements and/or reductions, this is the time to let us know. We can work out your sizing accordingly. Our goal is your radiant beauty, and the more informed we are, the better we can serve you.

In addition, we need to pay attention to hem length. At this time, we will see if the dress needs to be ordered with a special length. We will ask you to pick out shoes for the heel height and measure the length of the gown. This is an extra fee, but well worth it as the designer does it to keep the details of the dress in proportion. Sometimes, Liliya the seamstress can hem it, and that is also an excellent option. It really just depends on time and the dress itself.

So, now, you are sized and ready to order. You have already prepared yourself with the information you need in order to pay for the dress. We are so happy and thrilled for you and can't wait to continue with you on your journey to the altar. Next up is bridesmaids! Stay tuned for my next series!

Purchasing Your Wedding Gown Step 4 (of 5)

Step 4 is all about gathering information to set your mind at ease. First, inquire about whether you should purchase your dress off the rack or if it is better to order a new gown. Typically brides need to order a different size and/or color than the sample in the store. And, time permitting, this is the excellent choice. However, if time does not allow, and the store sample fits, and you love it, then you are the lucky one and can purchase that very dress. If you are purchasing the store sample, ask if a price break is allowed. The answer is usually yes, but the amount is different based on the newness of the gown. Please remember, at FORmally YOUrs, we are here to work with you. That is why it is so important to open the lines of communication so that there are no questions or concerns about your money and your time.

Now, if you are ordering your gown, you need place the order 9-12 months ahead of your wedding date. It is acceptable to order 6-9 months ahead, but not ideal. If time does not allow this, inquire about your options. Sometimes, designers offer particular styles in a shorter time frame at no extra cost. However, if your style is not included in this category, then you need to inquire about rushing your dress. Each designer has different price points and time lines for rushing, so it is our job to share all of this information with you. Just remember, you do have options.

Next, you need to ask about your payment options. And, also, you need to know how much money is required as a deposit. Ask about payment plans and, in addition, ask about promotions at the store if you pay in full. Again, information is key and we are here to serve you, so do not be timid at this time. We love for you to leave with your heart and mind at ease. We realize that this is a big, emotional purchase and we want to handle you with the utmost care.

Also, you need to know that alterations are not included in the purchase of your gown. They are a separate fee, but at FORmally YOUrs, we cap the cost as a service to you to protect you from outrageous fees. Our seamstress, Liliya, is amazing and has over 25 years experience in bridal alterations. She is capable of just about anything and is honest with you if the request is not doable. We are so pleased to have such a fine seamstress in-house. They are hard to find.

One last thing before you pay. It is time to take your measurements! Stay tuned to step 5

Purchasing Your Wedding Gown Step 3 (of 5)

Step 3 is fun! This is all about finishing the look. Now that your dress is chosen, it is time to accessorize. We have so many beautiful veils from which to choose. So, we start by asking you your opinion and ideas for headpieces and veils. Often times, we have some ideas for you and take the initiative to place them in your hair. It is a great starting point. Then, you tweak the look, and together we decorate you! We start with the headpiece and veil and begin working our way down.

Next is your jewelry. We like to start with the earrings. They really seem to tie the whole look together. Based on the size of the earrings, we will then determine if a necklace is needed. Usually, a bigger earring means no necklace. And, a big chunky necklace typically looks best with smaller earrings. However, we will spend time in the mirror critiquing your look until you are absolutely shining!

Some brides enjoy the look of a bracelet. I too, think that a bracelet is a nice touch. With your new sparkly ring on your left hand, it is beautiful to have some twinkle on your right hand. It really is a fine detail that adds that important final touch. It shows up in pictures too.

Last but not least are the SHOES!!!! Everyone has definite ideas about their shoes, and we are here to listen and help your vision come true. We have all different styles and heel heights. In addition, we can dye them and or sparkle them to your liking. Your wish is our command, and if we can do it we will! Lindsey dyes them in-house and sparkles them if needed and she does an amazing job! The trend for brides right now is to have colored shoes to match their bridesmaids dresses. So, dream it and we will dye it! But, I am an old-fashioned girl at heart and I prefer ivory or white silk satin shoes. They just seem so fresh. But, it's your wedding so make a wish and let your dreams come true! That is what we are here for.

So now you are beautiful and radiant from head to toe. It is time to purchase your fashions. But before you do read Step 4. We want to be sure that we walk you through every step of the way.

Purchasing Your Wedding Gown Step 2 (of 5)

Welcome to FORmally YOUrs! Step Two of purchasing your perfect wedding gown is one of the most fun steps: trying on dresses!

We are so pleased that you chose us as your wedding dress source. We are here to assist your needs with experienced sales fashion consultants. Our associates have their degrees in everything from catering and floral arrangements, to fashion merchandising, fashion marketing and marketing. You are in good hands at FORmally YOUrs and we are eager to assist you in your hunt for the perfect wedding gown.

Please show us all of your pictures that you have saved during your research and browsing! We want to know the common thread and theme of all of your designs. Out of all of your pictures, which one in particular is your favorite? Is there a fabric that you love and/or hate? Is there a certain train length that you like? Please let us know at this time as we begin to pull some samples for you to try on.

What is the overall theme of your wedding? Is it in a church or outdoors? Are you going for elegant or more casual? Obviously, we are here to listen to your wishes and dreams. It is our job to capture your vision and make it your reality. We can help make a seemingly overwhelming task a very enjoyable and exciting time for you!

As we begin to fill up your dressing room with the gowns you desire to try on, the excitement begins to build. We will stay beside you to help you zip and lace and fluff your gown as you present yourself on the stage in front of your family and friends. As you view yourself in your reflection do not hesitate to communicate exactly how this dress makes you feel. We are attentive to your opinions, and when asked, we will share our honest opinions with you. However, please remember that it is ultimately YOUR decision. We want YOU to be beaming and radiant with joy in your gown. You are our guide and we are here to serve you. It is what we love to do. Our job is to make certain your needs are met in every area. Our experience helps to gently guide you to that perfect dream gown that best suits your body type .

You will know it when you put it on. Most of the time this statement rings true. Sometimes, it is a tie between two top gowns. That is okay too! Again, we will gently guide you through a process that will help you make that ultimate decision. At no time will we force an issue, as we want you to feel pure elation over your decision. Once your decision is made, we will walk you through the next steps for placing your order.

Stay tuned for Step 3! It just keeps getting better and more exciting!

First Step to Purchasing Your Wedding Gown

Step 1 (of 5)

Congratulations! You are engaged! Everyone is so happy and excited for you and EVERYONE wants to give their input on what to do next. Hopefully, we can help narrow down the confusion and chaos for you. We are going to begin with your wedding gown. Your gown sets the tone of your wedding. The style, the fabrication, and the length of the train all speak volumes to the feel of your big day. Keep your personal dreams and ideas at the forefront of your mind as you begin your journey into wedding gown land. Let's begin with step 1.

Research is the first step in gown shopping. Actually, this is often the best part of the process. Flipping through pages of a glossy magazine is a fun way to begin. Everything looks so beautiful on those flawless models. So, beware and be conscious of which styles are appropriate for your body type. Mark the pages in the magazines and bring them to FORmally YOUrs to share with the fashion consultants.

The next part of the research phase is figuring out your wedding gown budget. It is important that you set a reasonable goal so that you don't waste time trying on dresses that are out of your league. Buying a wedding gown is much like buying a car or a house. You shouldn't see it or try it if it is out of your range. That being said, EVERY bride deserves the gown of her dreams regardless of price. And, that's why brides-to-be love FORmally YOUrs because we carry gowns in all price ranges. From couture to median priced to budget conscious, we have the gown for you.

Once you have your funds gathered and you are ready to shop, you are on your way to becoming a dream bride. Come to FORmally YOUrs armed with your information and pictures to share, and begin the process of touching, feeling and trying on wedding dresses. The best advice is to come with as few people as possible. We know that you want everyone to share in your joy, however, the only opinion that really matters is YOURS. YOU need to love it and feel absolutely beautiful and confident in the wedding gown you choose. Your family and friends will love your choice because, after all they love you!

Stay tuned for step 2! We will walk you through the process of the actual shopping experience. We are so happy and elated for you. This is just the beginning and we are here for YOU!

Everything Old is New Again

FORmally YOUrs is ready to celebrate its 30-year anniversary! We are so proud and honored to continue to serve our Metro Atlanta area and beyond with integrity and intelligence. Throughout the years we have continued to stay current and relevant in our industry. Unlike many other bridal retailers, we have the unique ability to say we are a third-generation, family-owned and -operated business. We are not affiliated with any other store, so we have the flexibility to serve any unique bridal needs. We are tenured, experienced, and independent and we realize the importance of customer service. Our customers reap the benefits of our experience and long standing history of serving the bridal needs of the Atlanta metro area.

FORmally YOUrs offers a welcoming, friendly environment, and we appreciate all customers. We can assist in creating any type of wedding. We sell all styles of wedding gowns in all different price ranges. We are not indifferent to our customer's needs. We are couture wedding, we are country chic wedding, we are fairy tale princess wedding, we are grandmother's backyard wedding. We do not cater to any one particular style because we pride ourselves in being so versatile.

We invite you in to visit FORmally YOUrs where our experienced staff is here FOR YOU. Great changes continue to be made to better serve each and every one of you. We are always searching for the cutest new accessories, the hottest new styles and hippest new trends. We are your source for your bridal needs. Each fashion consultant has the ability to make your dream come true. We are excited about your wedding and we are eager to meet you and guide you through your wedding day journey.

I Am My Own Customer

How weird is this? I am my own customer. Yes, it's true. I am the Mother of the Bride and need to consume all things bridal. So, I shop at Formally Yours, my store. Sounds fun, sounds easy, sounds awesome, right? Well, not so much. You see, I am just like everybody else. I pick out the dress, decide on the color and place the order. And then, I begin to second guess the color, the size, and the fabric. How can this be? The Formally Yours staff reassured me of my choice. Of course, we all want to look great and feel great, but it's not about me, the mother, it's about my beautiful daughter on her big day. So why oh why is it so difficult?

My dress finally came in and I tried it on for the seamstress. I proceeded to show her how I thought it should fit and where I thought she should take it in. She nodded sweetly and did what I asked. I tried it back on and wanted it taken in more. She smiled and said, "I will do for you". I love Liliya. So after several fittings I decided that it was acceptable. But, still my doubts lingered. Are these the perfect shoes? I don't know but I like them so I will wear them. Is this the perfect jewelry? Who knows, but I think it looks good, so on they go. Overall, I think I look pretty good.

And then it hit me. It doesn't matter what I wear. The dresses are beautiful whether I am in them or not. I love fashion, and I love all of the bridal party dresses. You see, it's what I am feeling inside that will make a difference of how I appear. And I will be wearing the biggest brightest smile because my heart is full of joy and love for my daughter and her darling fiancee. And, so that is really all that truly matters. And, although I shopped at my own store and my sweet employees took extra special care of me to make me beautiful, it is ultimately the abundance of love that will truly make me shine. I am happy and appreciative for amazing family and friends and employees who have generously given of their time to celebrate this occasion.

So, my wallet is empty but my heart is full. My dresses are altered and look beautiful. But, I feel so blessed, I know that I will be wearing a radiant smile. It is the ultimate attire.

One Month and Counting

Every bride has the final countdown. One month to go! Within those last 30 something days, brides are typically overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted. It is the duty of all of her family, friends and bridesmaids to make sure that she is well taken care of. In fact, it is the duty of the aformentioned to actually chip in and help with all of the last minute details if at all possible.

For example, bridesmaids, if something is going on with your dress, please handle the situation without freaking out the bride. If the dress is shipping later than anticipated, keep a positive attitude for the bride and contact the salon and request a tracking number. Or, if your alterations aren't going as smoothly as you wished, have a heart to heart with the seamstress. Communication is key. Create solutions so that all will work out beautifully.

Family and friends should be courteous and understanding towards the bride. Everyone needs to be aware that the guest list is a huge stress point for the bride. Please sympathize with her when your invitation arrives. If you have a boyfriend of just a few weeks, do not expect him to be invited and by all means do not add the plus one on your own. The numbers are well thought out when figuring out the budget. And, adding plus ones here and there add up. In addition, if your children's names aren't on the invitation, don't ask if they can come. Many brides choose not to include children. Therefore, think of it as a night out on the town, and hire a babysitter and have a beautiful celebration.

It seems that every wedding creates hurt feelings. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Put your own feelings aside and empathize with the bride. Your day will come, if it hasn't already, and you will have your own difficult decisions to make. Keep in mind that a wedding is a celebration of people uniting in love.

30 Years

Approaching or 30th year of business, Formally yours would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers. Over the years, we have helped so many beautiful women of all ages. Some are even second generation customers. Each and every person is valuable to our business and we want to show our appreciation.

First, we have tweaked our staff. Now, our staff is comprised of young energetic experienced ladies who bring in fresh and innovative ideas. Staying in touch with trends is vital in the bridal industry, and our continual research helps us to bring these ideas to you our customers. We are relevant in this ever changing industry and love the creative aspect as well as the merchandising aspect of this business.

Most importantly however, we have retrained our amazing staff. In paying attention to detail, we have read ALL of the reviews in cyber space and listen to each and every word. Each review, good or bad, takes time to write and we value and appreciate your concern for others. Of course, we love all of the positive reviews and continue to build off of these. However, you can't change what you don't acknowledge, so therefore we read and review all of the not so flattering words as well. In doing so, we are focusing on you the customer at all times for all of your bridal needs.

Our #1 priority is to best serve our customers. We are here to serve and assist each and every customer that walks through our doors. It's our pleasure to walk you through each step of the bridal shopping experience So, thank-you once again.