Everyone wants to know how the bridal industry is holding up during these tough economic times. Girls are still getting married and insist on nothing but the best for their dream day. However, brides today are not as focused on the thought that bigger is better. Today's girls are more interested in the true meaning of their day. So when people ask about the bridal industry, my response is that the mood of the bride has changed. She wants pure romance, and with that comes a change in trends from the bridal gown designers.

Nothing expresses romance better than lace. It seems that all styles of gowns have lace of some form or fashion. Whether it is top to bottom lace or simply appliques, lace is the accessory of the season. The most popular wedding gown style is the fitted, modified mermaid lace dress. Some girls prefer no beading on their gown, whereas others prefer a hint of sparkle. Again, brides today shy away from the big glitz and prefer a hint of twinkling. For those who dislike any type of sparkle at all, ribbon sashes are a beautiful way to accessorize the lace wedding gown.

Another romantic touch is the use of the mother's veil. These vintage veils add an immediate romantic feeling. This sentimental touch resonates throughout the entire wedding. For the brides who only want a touch of lace, their mother's veils are the perfect finishing touch. This creates a contemporay vintage look. This look is versatile and timeless. For these girls, designers created lace bodices with taffeta, silk or satin skirts. Some skirts are a-line while others feature the popular pick-ups. A really romantic take on these gowns is a lace border hem.

A popular trend in the bridal fashion industry is the chiffon wedding gown. The breezy flowing silhouette is ethereal. Envision standing in a garden under an array of beautiful fresh flowers with the breeze gently swaying the skirt and hemline of the gown as the bride and groom pronounce their love for one another. Better yet, picture a couple standing on the edge of a mountain or overlooking the ocean while the wind encapsulates the two as they whisper their vows to one another. The bride radiates love, and romance fills the air, as she sachets down the aisle with her veil trailing effortlessly behind her elegant chiffon gown.

Whether it's a lace gown with a cathedral veil, or a new gown with a vintage veil, a bride can find her romantic style wedding gown. If a destination wedding is the plan, chiffon gowns are typically the fashion trend. Love is in the air, so dress the part!