Tips for Saturday shoppers

Saturday is a popular day for wedding dress shopping. We are going to recommend some helpful tips to ensure that your day out is an efficient and enjoyable one. Girls just want to have fun shopping for their big day! Before you leave your house, be sure you are organized. Some brides are more organized than others. If you are the "Monica" from FRIENDS with your 5" binder full of dividers and lamenated pictures organized by color and style you are in great shape. However, most people are not that organized, in fact, some are not organized at all. So what should one do? Set a goal for the day.

First, be prepared to communicate with your fashion consultant.The most important thing is to have a picture of your ideal wedding dress. Most fashion consultants are visual people. If you do not have any actual pictures with you, have no fear, create a visual by describing details you wish to have on your gown. For instance, some brides are traditional and have always dreamt of a white satin gown with covered buttons down the back and train. Others may be planning a destination wedding and might desire a light-weight fabric like chiffon. And then, there are girls who want a more trendy look. However, if you are having a difficult time communicating with your fashion consultant, tell them the looks that you hate. Seriously, some girls refuse to wear taffeta because they do not like the feel of it. In addition, some girls despise bows and will not even attempt to try dresses with bows attached to them. Clearly, by translating the details you do not like, you are beginning to create a vision of ideas that suit your style.

Secondly, never compromise your personal style. Sometimes, when shopping with a group of people, customers are overcome by other people's opinions. Too many times, brides-to-be fall in love with a dress only to have her mother, sister and/or girlfriends respond negatively to how she looks. It is so important at this time to focus on yourself and how you feel in the dress. Remember, it is your day that you have dreamt about your entire life. Pictures last a lifetime and are expensive. Your wedding album should be a story of your romance illustrated by your personal fashion style. Each and every bride owns her own look. Be true to yourself and you will love the final product.

Finally, on Saturdays, everyone needs to pack a bag full of patience. It is the most popular day of the week to shop. All of the bridal salons are busy and everyone is working hard to satisfy their customer. Sometimes there might even be a waiting line for a dressing room. Nonetheless, it is a fun and exciting time. Actually, it is more fun to shop when several brides are around to share in the excitement and joy, because they are the only ones who can truly relate to the feeling of that moment.

Shopping for a prom dress

The other day I received a phone call from a friend of mine in Chicago. She was totally stressed out over her daughter's prom dress or rather lack of one. My friend and her daughter were exhausted and frustrated from shopping and trying on hundreds of dresses and not finding what they wanted. Now I use the term "they" because the mother definitely has to approve of the daughter's chosen dress. Shopping for the perfect prom dress is a right of passage for teenage girls everywhere. Grab mom, make sure she has money, or at least enough to cover the difference if the dress is more than the girl can afford, hop in the car with pictures of the perfect prom dress and take off. Usually, everyone starts off in a great mood with high expectations. Of course, after about the 3rd boutique, everyone's nerves are wearing thin. Mother and daughter begin to argue, frustrations begin to brew and the whole afternoon goes up in smoke without a dress to wear. Does this sound familiar? Well, my smart friend dialed us up, and began shopping long distance. She shared her story with me and told me exactly what her daughter wanted. I told her which designers I carry, we looked on-line together, and I told her the styles I had available here at Formally Yours. After a great conversation, we agreed that I would ship her a few dresses for her daughter to try on in the comforts of her own home. I shipped the dresses to Chicago and bingo, it was a perfect match. She loved one! Everyone was thrilled to pieces and my friend was relieved to know that her job was complete and her daughter was happy. I'm just glad that people trust Formally Yours, and realize that we are here to make everyone's fashion wishes come true. Also, we are here to ease the pain for the moms who are tired of driving and wasting gas!
Just come in or call us, and trust that our fashion knowledge will guide you to your dream dress.

Prom Girls

Hey girls, speaking of finding your inner princess and our history and all, let us tell you about PROM! These highschool girls shop all over until they find the perfect dress. Thankfully, we have smart, hip, young fashion consultants to help each and every girl. We have the cutest customers with the most adorable figures who are in the know when it comes to fashion styles and trends, so they shop at Formally Yours where they know they will find the perfect prom gown for their special evening. We only have one of every style in order to insure that the best friend will not show up in the same dress. Not only do the teenagers love shopping here, but their mothers do too. They love the no hassle, relaxed atmosphere that we provide, not to mention the one stop shopping trip. The moms sit and enjoy the fashion show that their daughters provide while we continuously bring them dresses to their heart's content. After the prom dress is chosen, we finish off their look with jewelry and shoes. Everyone enjoys their experience and more often than not, our prom girls return as brides to be! It is so cool to see them as young women and reconnect on a different level. Having a 26 year old bridal shop is rewarding and yet at the same time comforting for our customers. It's old fashioned, but at the same time always new and exciting because of the ever changing fashion trends. We welcome the old and the new with tradition and history and fashion for our customers. Come in and visit our place, and if you have ever purchased a gown here in the past 26 years, bring in your pictures, because we are starting to create a Formally Yours history book.
We look forward to seeing you soon for your formal occasion, because after all, we are Formally Yours!

Repeat customers

Formally Yours is proud to serve the Atlanta area for 26 years and counting! We love the history that is created and enjoy hearing the stories of the Mothers of Brides who are now bringing their daughters in to Formally Yours to purchase their gowns in the same place they purchased theirs. For example, an old childhood neighbor and friend of mine recently came to Formally Yours with her beautiful daughter. I had not seen her in years and now here she is proudly shopping with her daughter. We reminisced about our childhood days while playing dress up with the bride. It was the most enjoyable afternoon for everyone and especially the bride because she found the dress of her dreams along with all of the accessories. Her mother shed tears of joy as her daughter stood beaming on the stage. Shopping should be fun and special and most of all, memorable. I am honored that people bring family and friends to help them find their inner princess. Let's face it, there is a little princess in us all. As women, retail therapy is the number 1 remedy for all of our ailments.
Shop with us at Formally Yours and make your wedding dreams come true.