Mother of the Bride/Groom Dresses

We, at Formally Yours, welcome mothers of the bride and groom. Mothers typically dread shopping for their dress. However, they are the next important people after the bride and groom. They have to look good and be happy. Mothers want to be pretty, elegant and a little sexy, nevertheless, they need to be comfortable and confident. We, at Formally Yours, carry dresses that fit their needs.

Our favorite line is Jade by Jasmine Bridal. They are fashion forward with sophisticated elegance. They are perfectly appropriate for every wedding scene. Jade understands that there are many variations of the female figure. Through their design, color selection and fit, Jade by Jasmine has cornered the market for our beloved mothers.

Our wish is that every daughter allows her mother to wear whatever she feels best in; after all, they are the hostess of their child's day.

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