Blissful Brides In...Bridezillas Out

Owning a 26 year old bridal salon is the best education anyone could receive. Not only have I learned about how to run a business, but most importantly, I have learned about people. And let's face it, retail is about people. It's just that plain and simple. How many times have you gone shopping someplace where there is no customer service to be found? Or, on the contrary, you've been shopping while a saleperson hovers over you to make you feel uncomfortable. Consequently, I have noticed that customers are frustrated from their experiences, and sometimes, come barging through the front door with a well deserved chip on their shoulder. I say take a deep breath in and relax. Clearly, you haven't shopped at the right vendor that suits your needs. Not all retailers are created equal, and the majority of us are considerate with the customer's wants and needs foremost in their minds. Too often brides act out their frustrations by acting like a bridezilla. Retailers cringe at the sight of a bridezilla and have a difficult time pleasing her. However, a blissful bride who realizes that we all want to make her happy ends up with the most thorough service.

Listen up ladies: Blissful brides are in...Bridezillas are out.

I blame bridezillas on the media. Before Bridezilla, the t.v. show on WE, people actually minded their manners. Shows like this promote and applaud bad behavior. No one enjoys being around a person who is closed minded and unable to listen to new ideas. Now granted, sometimes things go array and mistakes are made, but, especially in times like these, it is important to use good old fashioned ettiquette and deal with the situation at hand. No reputable business owner will intentionally mess up a bride's wedding day. Working together to create a dream wedding creates new bonds and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Blissful brides tend to enjoy the entire process of wedding planning from beginning to end. Typically, these girls shop with a vision in mind, and with their eye on the prize. The prize is the marriage rather than the wedding. Although, the wedding is one of the most important days in a girls life, her marriage is the most important part of her life. On the journey to the altar there are many situations to meet new people, create new liaisons, and open up new opportunities. Friendships that are forged during the process can last a lifetime. Your wedding planner, the caterer, the photographer, the florist, your bridal salon fashion consultant and seamstress are people that you will work very closely with. Along with patience, communication is key when dealing with your people. It's fun and exciting to plan a wedding when everyone enjoys each other's company.

Bliss is in. Be a blissful bride. Have a blissful wedding.
Live a blissful marriage.

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