Be Prepared to make the Purchase

Today is tip Tuesday.  And, the tip for today is Be Prepared to make the Purchase.  The wedding plans are in full swing, and now it's time for everyone in the bridal party to find their dress for the Big Day.  Typically, the bride finds her dress first, followed by the bridesmaids, the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom.  So, ladies, when you leave the house, have your finances in order.  You may not think you will find your dress, but you never know.  It's like any other shopping experience when you least expect to find it, there it is.

This tip rings true for every single member of the bridal party.  Everyday, the question is asked,  "When do we need to place the order?".  You need to place the order the minute you realize you have found your dress.  Do not delay!  Actually, the bride should order her dress 9-12 months before the wedding, and the rest of the bridal party should place their orders 6 months before hand.  If you find it, and you love it, order it.  Time is of the essense during the wedding planning period.  Too many decisions are looming in the very near future, and it is a reassurance to know that your dresses are on their way.

So, before you begin, have your budget in mind, your money in hand, and your heart prepared to fall in love again (with a dress, not another groom of course).  And enjoy the experience!  Bridal fashion is fun and colorful and creative.  It is what you make it to be, and at Formally Yours we are here with experienced fashion consultants to guide your every wish and desire.  Be brave, be confident and be you.  You will be beautiful you on the wedding day.  We are committed to that dream.

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