Formally Yours Photo Shoot

On a beautiful Sunday in July, we took off to Madison for a photo shoot.  Our crew was excited and full of ideas.  We started early to catch the morning sun and to beat the heat.  The location was picturesque with cool architectural highlights, romantic rustic venues, and quaint gazebos.  We even took a tour of a museum and the opportunity was perfect for some cool shots. 

As the day progressed our creative juices really began to flow.  The husband and wife photography/creative team, Sara and Casey Giessen, had scoped the area and mapped out our game plan.  I, Cathy, the stylist, created all of the looks from hair and make-up to dress and accessories.  Scarlett, the eyes of the target market, kept the model, Savannah, happy and poised.  Hillary was our social media assistant and did an excellent job uploading pictures from the day.  Formally Yours was branching out, and we were all focused with a vision.

Formally Yours is always evolving.  In a time when nothing stays the same for very long, we are constantly working hard to show our Formally Yours customers the newest in bridal and formal fashions.  And, we don't just sell dresses, we sell a look.  Once your dress is picked out, we complete the ensemble from head to toe.  No two Formally Yours customers look the same, because no two people are alike.  We enjoy watching each person's dream image come to fruition. 

Keep your eyes on Formally Yours.  Follow our twitter, facebook and instagram and enjoy seeing new styles.  We are excited about what we do.  We are here for you.  We are Formally Yours and we have dresses For You.

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