A Dream Wedding Dress

           Upon first glance I was in love. The more I looked, the more I loved. Everything I saw, I was drawn to. In the words of the immortal John Lennon, “To know her is to love her.” Of course I was wondering how this was possible. Just days before I had seen an Inbal Dror dress in a magazine priced exactly how a couture designer dress should be. I would deal with it. And then, like an answer to an unasked prayer, we received a WTOO two-piece bridal gown that looked so similar to the Inbal Dror design, I could not stop staring. The soft and warm rose color underneath the ornately beaded lace flowers on the bodice caught my heart in a skip of romance. The crystals and beading were perfectly enchanting, even spell-binding. The perfect sweetheart neckline cascaded gracefully with slight scalloping to a tastefully scooped low back. A clean and crisp ribbon of satin cinched at the waist to show off the smallest part of any woman’s figure. And the skirt! Oh, the skirt! Talk about fun. The organza tiers waterfall and gush cool elegance and high glamour. It is the perfect pairing with the extraordinary bodice. Yes, this WTOO wedding dress is captivating and delightfully irresistible.
                Can you tell we’re obsessed with this dress?


 Written by Katie Walker.

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