An Overwhelming Process

Shopping for a bridal gown can be an extremely overwhelming and stressful process.
Did you know there are over 200 shades of bridal white?
There are six different silhouettes and dozens of variants within those.
Do you want a natural waist? Empire? Drop?
Is there a fabric or style of lace you prefer?
Here at Formally Yours, we know finding the right gown can be exhausting. But a wedding is a thing to celebrate and we want to ensure that you have the energy to enjoy every moment of it!
When you enter the doors of our beloved boutique, we will be eager to hear about the plans you have made and the vision you are seeing. Once we feel like we have an idea of what your ideal is, we will invite you to look through our inventory of bridal gowns and select ones that catch your eye while we also pull dresses that we believe match your vision and personality. Once we get a handful of dresses in your dressing room, we will have you start the trying on process. As you try on and see things you like and do not like, we will be able to pull dresses that are more specific to what you are wanting.
Finding the right wedding dress is a process. Often times a dress feature you thought you would love, you end up not, and something you never even considered will make you fall in love. The key is that you never know until you try it on. We want to make sure you get a dress that you love every stitch of.
Our highly trained staff members are here to listen to your hopes and concerns and then guide you in the right direction so you can have fun and enjoy the moment. After all, you are getting married and here at Formally Yours, it is time to celebrate!
Written by Katie Walker.

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