Beautiful Advice

I spoke with an interesting woman the other day. Her daughter's wedding is just days away and she is happy and excited, and seemingly stress free. This is highly unusual for a mother of the bride to be so genuinely calm and radiant from within. We had a chance to visit for a while and she shared the most insightful advice. She compares the cost of paying for a wedding to the cost of adopting a son. After the numbers come in, clearly the wedding is an easy bargain. Gaining the love of a son is worth every penny spent on a ceremony and reception. It was a beautiful expression of unconditional love for her daughter and future son in law. I knew after speaking with her that the wedding events would go on smoothly, because clearly, she understands the true meaning of the ceremony.
People are so hung-up on unimportant details that they lose sight of the love and life that 2 people are ready to share.

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Andrea said...

Wow that really is a great story! I hope it helps busy brides and bridal parties take a moment out of all the hustle and bustle (pun intended!) to think about the true meaning of marriage, and celebrate true love not just between the bride and groom, but all the friends and family too!