Something Blue

We all know that shoes are our secret indulgence. And now it has trickled into bridal fashion. More often now, you will see brides wearing trendy shoes. Most common nowadays it's blue shoes worn to take care of the "something blue". However, back in the day my ex-sister-in-law wore cowboy boots to her catholic ceremony wedding, much to my mother's chagrin. They were perfect for her run across the church field to catch the helicopter that flew her and my brother to the reception. I once helped a bride order a gown determined by how it looked with her cowboy work boots. Her wedding reception was held in a barn. Most recently, I had a bride wear stiletto platform hot pink heels. She purchased those before she purchased her bridal gown. As it turns out, she consequently had them cut down 1/2 an inch because they caused her to be taller than her groom. However, my favorite shoe is a royal blue silk-satin pair that a bride wore. I'm not sure if it was the style or the color that fascinated me the most. They were the most beautiful shade of sapphire blue. Maybe it was the fact that the bride was so tickled with her "something blue". I'm all for the expression of self.
Go for it brides and enjoy shoe shopping.

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