Love never dies. It may change and morph into other sentiments, but you can't ever really bury it. You can change it, move it, hide it, but that moment of true love that you shared with another never ever completely goes away. It's an addiction...that feeling...and humans have a need to love, to be loved. to feel love.

Even just the notion of love makes a person's heart flutter. And, so many emotions come from loving. New love is elation, and hope and excitement. Whereas, old love has a history and is much more complex with the knowledge of all that is good possibly turning bad. However, no matter how difficult the love, there is that taste, that high of the forever first love.

Romantics search for that feeling constantly. Sinics choose not to waste their time knowing full well that it changes and needs hard work to maintain. But who's to say we haven't fully examined the human heart? Much like the brain, we have only touched the surface and the most obvious parts. Much more research is needed.

But, I feel certain that I am on to something.

A relationship may dissolve or move on for one reason or another, but at some point, at some time, even if it is for one brief moment or in another lifetime, that feeling of absolute true love will touch your heart again. And it will grab hold of you until you can't breath.

Celebrate love with everyone you know.
Reach out to past loves.
Reach out to new loves.
And nurture the present loves.

The heart is a muscle that needs exercise. Excercise it everyday...the old fashioned way.


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