I often wonder why people in Atlanta feel the need to only shop inside the Perimeter(ITP). I am just north of I-285 and I am here to tell you that my store offers everything a bride needs. You see, I too am a consumer and I love to buy beautiful, finely designed fashions at the best price, so I want my customer to have the same experience at my store. I have couture designs and designer collections at great prices. Why not shop where you know you feel the most comfortable? My staff is so friendly, the environment is laid back and everyone that shops here is so excited. Most of my customers want to work here and most of my employees become my customer! So, I am just thinking that Native Atlantans and Newbie Atlantans alike need to venture outside the Perimeter (OTP). You will be amazed at what you will find! Shop at Formally Yours for your bridal dress. We can't wait to meet you!

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