Bridesmaid Shopping Step 2 (of 3)

Ok, your FORmally YOUrs file sheet is started. It has the style number and color of your bridesmaid's dress and it also contains a list of your girls' names. We keep this for you, so you have one less thing to worry about. And, this bridal sheet contains the measurements of your girls as they pass this information on to us. Step 2 is all about the sizing of the dress. Let's begin!

Now, again, options are key when shopping. We offer a couple of different ways for your bridesmaids to be measured. The ultimate suggestion is for the bridesmaid to come into FORmally YOUrs and be measured by one of our experienced fashion consultants. We measure the fullest part of the chest, the smallest part of the waist and the largest part of the hips. There are two ways to look at this: Your body is an hour glass and we need the 3 extreme measurements of the hour glass, and/or your body is like a teapot and you bend sideways at the waist. The bend in the waist is the point for the measuring tape to go around to gain your official waist measurement. Our fashion consultants will take these measurements along with the designer size chart and share them with you. After a brief conversation, you will be the ultimate decision maker for your size. We will guide you, however, it is ultimately your decision.

If you are unable to come into FORmally YOUrs, you need to find a seamstress or dry cleaners who offers alterations, and have your measurements taken. Remember, you only need the 3 that we previously mentioned. In addition, we need to know if you are over 5'9". Bridesmaid dresses are made for people of this height, so if you are taller, you will need to order extra length. Additional length is an added fee and, depending on the designer, it can be an extra 3-5 inches. At the time of your call, we will tell you the amounts of both the added hem and the extra cost. After you give us your measurements, we will check the size chart and come to an agreement on size.

At this time, please let us know about any medical conditions and/or prescriptions that you have. These have a definite effect on your size. We need to know if your size will fluctuate from the time you place the order to the time that the dress arrives. We also need to be informed of any physical enhancements or reductions. It's our job to make certain you are beautiful on the wedding day. We are on your side and want the dress to fit as perfectly as possible.

After the measurements are taken it is time to pay. Step 3 will walk you through the payment process.

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