Purchasing Your Wedding Gown Step 4 (of 5)

Step 4 is all about gathering information to set your mind at ease. First, inquire about whether you should purchase your dress off the rack or if it is better to order a new gown. Typically brides need to order a different size and/or color than the sample in the store. And, time permitting, this is the excellent choice. However, if time does not allow, and the store sample fits, and you love it, then you are the lucky one and can purchase that very dress. If you are purchasing the store sample, ask if a price break is allowed. The answer is usually yes, but the amount is different based on the newness of the gown. Please remember, at FORmally YOUrs, we are here to work with you. That is why it is so important to open the lines of communication so that there are no questions or concerns about your money and your time.

Now, if you are ordering your gown, you need place the order 9-12 months ahead of your wedding date. It is acceptable to order 6-9 months ahead, but not ideal. If time does not allow this, inquire about your options. Sometimes, designers offer particular styles in a shorter time frame at no extra cost. However, if your style is not included in this category, then you need to inquire about rushing your dress. Each designer has different price points and time lines for rushing, so it is our job to share all of this information with you. Just remember, you do have options.

Next, you need to ask about your payment options. And, also, you need to know how much money is required as a deposit. Ask about payment plans and, in addition, ask about promotions at the store if you pay in full. Again, information is key and we are here to serve you, so do not be timid at this time. We love for you to leave with your heart and mind at ease. We realize that this is a big, emotional purchase and we want to handle you with the utmost care.

Also, you need to know that alterations are not included in the purchase of your gown. They are a separate fee, but at FORmally YOUrs, we cap the cost as a service to you to protect you from outrageous fees. Our seamstress, Liliya, is amazing and has over 25 years experience in bridal alterations. She is capable of just about anything and is honest with you if the request is not doable. We are so pleased to have such a fine seamstress in-house. They are hard to find.

One last thing before you pay. It is time to take your measurements! Stay tuned to step 5

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