Purchasing Your Wedding Gown Step 3 (of 5)

Step 3 is fun! This is all about finishing the look. Now that your dress is chosen, it is time to accessorize. We have so many beautiful veils from which to choose. So, we start by asking you your opinion and ideas for headpieces and veils. Often times, we have some ideas for you and take the initiative to place them in your hair. It is a great starting point. Then, you tweak the look, and together we decorate you! We start with the headpiece and veil and begin working our way down.

Next is your jewelry. We like to start with the earrings. They really seem to tie the whole look together. Based on the size of the earrings, we will then determine if a necklace is needed. Usually, a bigger earring means no necklace. And, a big chunky necklace typically looks best with smaller earrings. However, we will spend time in the mirror critiquing your look until you are absolutely shining!

Some brides enjoy the look of a bracelet. I too, think that a bracelet is a nice touch. With your new sparkly ring on your left hand, it is beautiful to have some twinkle on your right hand. It really is a fine detail that adds that important final touch. It shows up in pictures too.

Last but not least are the SHOES!!!! Everyone has definite ideas about their shoes, and we are here to listen and help your vision come true. We have all different styles and heel heights. In addition, we can dye them and or sparkle them to your liking. Your wish is our command, and if we can do it we will! Lindsey dyes them in-house and sparkles them if needed and she does an amazing job! The trend for brides right now is to have colored shoes to match their bridesmaids dresses. So, dream it and we will dye it! But, I am an old-fashioned girl at heart and I prefer ivory or white silk satin shoes. They just seem so fresh. But, it's your wedding so make a wish and let your dreams come true! That is what we are here for.

So now you are beautiful and radiant from head to toe. It is time to purchase your fashions. But before you do read Step 4. We want to be sure that we walk you through every step of the way.

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