Bridesmaid Shopping Step 3 (of 3)

You agreed on size and now it is time to pay. Step 3 walks you through the process. It's not so bad.

If you are at FORmally YOUrs you can pay by either cash or charge. If you pay in full, you will receive a 10% price break. If you are making a deposit, 65% of the total is due for your dress to be ordered. Just remember that when you pick up your bridesmaid dress, you will have a balance due. At this time, no checks will be accepted. You may pay by cash or credit.

If you are out of town, you need to pay by credit card over the phone. If this is not an option for you, you can send a check through the mail, however your order will not be processed until the check arrives. We keep track of all the payment receipts on the bridal sheet in an orderly fashion.

Once the last girl has measured and paid, FORmally YOUrs can place the order. We order all of the dresses AFTER THE LAST BRIDESMAID PAYS. This is very important, as one stray bridesmaid can and has caused the entire wedding party to pay late fees. We do not want this to happen to you. We suggest that you give your girls a deadline of 6 months before your wedding. For example, if your wedding is June 14th, we want your deadline to be December 14th. This allows enough leeway for a stray bridesmaid. And, it also allows plenty of time for alterations.

We have placed your order and have an estimated ship date. We do NOT know the EXACT date of the arrival of the dress in the store. We only receive an approximated SHIPPING date. If you want to confirm that date, you can call FORmally YOUrs and we will share the information with you. If you have not already done so, now is a great time to pick out shoes and accessories for your bridesmaids. We offer an exceptional array of both, so that you can have a one-stop shopping experience.

We love assisting you and your family and friends. Stay in touch with us during the process. We are available to answer any questions you may have. And, if you discover that one of your bridesmaids is pregnant, do NOT WORRY. Just call us immediately, and we will come up with a solution that best suits everyone's needs. If we catch it soon enough, we may be able to change her size on her order. However, if we are stuck with the original size, we can order extra fabric, and my seamstress will consult with her as close to the wedding as possible. We will make it work.

Congratulations! Your girls are beautiful! We love watching your dreams come true. And we feel so pleased to be the chosen one to assist you.

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