Mother of the Bride and Groom

Today, we received a beautiful shipment of Mother of the Bride and Groom dresses. We are so excited to carry the JADE and JADE COUTURE lines. Not only are they beautiful in design, they are versatile in color, fabrication and length. Each style that is sampled in our store can be redesigned to suit your personal needs. Of course, we love how they appear in our store, and purchasing off of the rack is actually the best option for you our customer.

Mothers need to realize that they are as important as the bride on the wedding day. Often times, mothers leave their shopping needs for last on their checklist. I understand why this happens. However, time is of the essense, and if in fact, you as the mother need to place a special order, it needs to be placed at least 5 months prior to the wedding date. At FORmally YOUrs we are here to assist you with the process. We adore our mothers and realize that it can be the most difficult shopping experience. With our knowledge, expertise and excellent selection, we make it a more enjoyable process.

We welcome you into FORmally YOUrs and look forward to helping you find that perfect dress for your childs wedding day. After all, you are the hostess of the party and need to look and feel confident in your dress. Meeting and greeting old friends and new friends requires a timeless and effortless look. Our amazing fashion consultants understand your needs and have all of the information and color swatches at their finger tips to ensure that your decision is the right one for you. So, happy shopping! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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