Alteration Information

FORmally YOUrs is a full service bridal salon. Our mission is to assist you from beginning to end. When you purchase your wedding dress or ANY dress from FORmally YOUrs, we are here to make certain that your dress is sized, ordered, delivered and then altered to your figure. We are fortunate to have an extremely talented seamstress in-house.

You received a phone call that your FORmally YOUrs dress is in, and now it is time for you to come in, try it on and have it altered. Make an appointment to meet with Liliya. At the time of your appointment, we will greet you and retrieve your dress and place it in the alterations room. We will ask you to try it on, and when you are ready, Liliya will meet with you.

At this time, we encourage you to communicate with Liliya. Show her the places that are your "trouble spots", and she will pay special attention to those areas. In addition, she will pin you in the areas that are in obvious need, and again at this time, please do not hesitate to speak up and ask questions. Now is the time to voice any concerns you may have. FORmally YOUrs believes it is always easier to address them at the beginning.

Often times, FORmally YOUrs brides are concerned about the bustle of the wedding dress. Again, we like for you to have options. Typically, a bride has a choice between the French Bustle and the Traditional Bustle. The Traditional Bustle is folded over on top of the skirt of the bridal gown, whereas, the French Bustle tucks up and under the gown. The length of the train truly dictates which bustle is your best option. However, brides may have their own opinions. Liliya will listen to your ideas, but if she is concerned about the security of it, she will let you know. And at this time, you need to make the bustle style decision. Our main concern is that it is as far off of the floor as possible, and that it is as secure as possible. Also, keep in mind, that the bustle is all about function not necessarily fashion.

Now, on rare occasions, some brides have weight fluctuations. Please note that Liliya is gifted, but she is not a miracle worker. If for one reason or another you have a serious weight gain or loss before the wedding, try not to panic. Simply place a call into Liliya at FORmally YOUrs, schedule a refit and listen to her experienced and educated suggestions. She has great abilities and will work with you and your gown.

Alterations are a separate fee. FORmally YOUrs caps the fee FOR YOU in order to protect our customers from being over charged. At the time of your fitting, Liliya will discuss the price with you. There are no hidden costs after she reviews the pricing at the initial appointment. The only exception to this, is if you ask for something additional to be done to the gown that was not previously discussed. After she completes the first fitting and your receipt is handed to you, you have two payment options. You may either pay at that time with check or cash, or pay by cash only at the final fitting.

Your satisfaction is our reward. We, at FORmally YOUrs are here FOR YOU to support you from beginning to end. When you come in for the last time to try on your dress, it will be fitted, steamed and ready to wear!

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