First Step to Purchasing Your Wedding Gown

Step 1 (of 5)

Congratulations! You are engaged! Everyone is so happy and excited for you and EVERYONE wants to give their input on what to do next. Hopefully, we can help narrow down the confusion and chaos for you. We are going to begin with your wedding gown. Your gown sets the tone of your wedding. The style, the fabrication, and the length of the train all speak volumes to the feel of your big day. Keep your personal dreams and ideas at the forefront of your mind as you begin your journey into wedding gown land. Let's begin with step 1.

Research is the first step in gown shopping. Actually, this is often the best part of the process. Flipping through pages of a glossy magazine is a fun way to begin. Everything looks so beautiful on those flawless models. So, beware and be conscious of which styles are appropriate for your body type. Mark the pages in the magazines and bring them to FORmally YOUrs to share with the fashion consultants.

The next part of the research phase is figuring out your wedding gown budget. It is important that you set a reasonable goal so that you don't waste time trying on dresses that are out of your league. Buying a wedding gown is much like buying a car or a house. You shouldn't see it or try it if it is out of your range. That being said, EVERY bride deserves the gown of her dreams regardless of price. And, that's why brides-to-be love FORmally YOUrs because we carry gowns in all price ranges. From couture to median priced to budget conscious, we have the gown for you.

Once you have your funds gathered and you are ready to shop, you are on your way to becoming a dream bride. Come to FORmally YOUrs armed with your information and pictures to share, and begin the process of touching, feeling and trying on wedding dresses. The best advice is to come with as few people as possible. We know that you want everyone to share in your joy, however, the only opinion that really matters is YOURS. YOU need to love it and feel absolutely beautiful and confident in the wedding gown you choose. Your family and friends will love your choice because, after all they love you!

Stay tuned for step 2! We will walk you through the process of the actual shopping experience. We are so happy and elated for you. This is just the beginning and we are here for YOU!

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